Simple Root Unlocks HTC Evo 4G in One Click

Windows: Rooting an Android phone often involves entering commands into a terminal or working through multi-step procedures. Not so with the Sprint Evo 4G, which you can root and modify to your heart’s content with a one-click Simple Root tool.

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Group Policy Settings Reference

These spreadsheets list the policy settings for computer and user configurations included in the Administrative template files delivered with the Windows operating systems specified. You can configure these policy settings when you edit Group Policy objects

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Crack WEP Guide

Here is a step by step guide i wrote to help guide to cracking WEP. Click on the link to download PDF Guide


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Validate US social security numbers


validate US social security numbers to match the state

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Lookup ABA/ACH routing numbers

Now this is scary, so much harm can be done with this. Lookup ABA/ACH routing numbers to find out what bank they belong to, and to determine if they are valid. Additionally, a free API is available.

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Randomly Generated Identity

Creating “Fake” people during pentests is tough, and sometimes you fall into a rut and keep using the same names / accounts that you customers could start to simply remember. Here is the solution

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XP Quick Fix Saved my ass

There are a lot of excellent free Windows comprehensive repairing and fixing tools around the internet.
But there are times when you want just one quick fix for example when you are under a virus attack and you just want to enable the Task Manager or the Registry Editor so you can fight the virus back, or when some new installation changed your XP behavior and My Documents opens on every start up.
This is the right time to draw XP Quick Fix Plus with 40 common Windows XP problems fixes, only 0.58mb, portable, small and fast, a must have on every computer and with a small extra, a command line utility to fix 6 common problems directly from command line !


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